F5j Electro Aspire ! New fuselage !


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New F5J Electro Aspire








   New version of Aspire for F5J FAI rules and F5J Euro rules are available now!
Flying weight for F5J FAI 1900g with 500Watt motor and climbing speed 8-10m per second. See the pictures!




(More photos is in the testing photogall.)














 F3J Eurotour Trnava 2010 (Slovakia)








Pavel Kristof  3. place

(Aspire team.)

(More photos is in the competition photogall.)
















F3B MCR 2010 Horice







Petr Fusek  2. place


(More photos is in the competition photogall.)



















Ian Duff win with Aspire  Interglide F3J Eurotour









Ian, thank you for good result at Interglide.Congratulation to your Victory.



















Electro - Aspire      (conversion from light standard glider)


(More photos is in the testing photogall.)












Conversion of Aspire to electro F5J competition glider more details at RCgroups 







































Mike Smith win with Aspire  South West Classic F3J














In Czech republic is winter, flying has winter sleep.


























F3J European Championship  Poland 2009










Pavel Kristof  2. place

(Aspire team.)
















Junior team 2. place

(Jan Leiner Aspire team)


Congratulations for all pilots !














Senior team 3. place


Congratulations for all pilots !













World cup, Eurotour, City cup Holic 2009 (Slovakia)









Pavel Kristof  2. place

















Little Boston and his grandfather Jim McDougall
(Greeting from Barossa Valley, South Australia)






















Nice fotos from Vancouver Island, Canada



 Thomas Raubner and Victor










F3J & F3B guru Petr Fusek  & Jane and long flight, Congratulations !










Ben Clerx win Visalia cup with Aspire






Congratulations Ben !





















Czech F3J National Cup Přílezy 2008





Congratulations for all pilots !


Jiří Ducháň 1. place

Pavel Krištof  2. place (Aspire team.)

 Vítězslav Štěrba


Jakub Lžíčař (Junior) 6. place over all.

Jan Leiner (Junior from Aspire team) 11. place

over all.













F3J World Championship  Turkey 2008








Jiří Ducháň 2. place

(" Our world champion ")


(More photos is in the competitions photogall.)
















Junior team 3. place






















Senior team 2. place


















Jan Leiner junior from Aspire team.

"  Little pilot and big Aspire "























F3J Euro Tour, World Cup  Podhorany 2008






Pavel Krištof  (From Aspire team)

4. Place over all.















F3J World Cup  Holic (Slovakia)






Jan Leiner (Junior from Aspire team) 1. Place

Place 3 over all.

(More photos is in the competitions photogall.)
















F3J Euro Contest Lodi (Italy)








      Manuel Reinecke  is 3. Place (Juniors)

 Place 14 over all.

(More photos is in the competitions photogall.)














Standard helper day on the competition





     One standart helper day with GPS, track

   log is from PDA Asus 636n.

   Track is 9,2 km long.












                                    Aspire  2,4 GHz friendly











                            Czech F3J National Cup Podhořany 2007







       Congratulations for all senior pilots !

   (More photos is in the  copet. photogallery

    sequence photos from final landing is very



















     Congratulations for all junior pilots !


















      Little Adam (Pazderka junior) is World

   Champion for year 2020. Today only in

   the baby-coach.














Germany F3J DMFV National Cup = ASPIRE festival !!!









    Congratulations for all ASPIRE pilots !

(More photos is in the  training photogallery.)
















( Total was 5 ASPIRE in the Fly off !)







Christian Reinecke won the Juniors Holland Glide with ASPIRE !










Congratulations Christian!














Christian Reinicke won the Juniors Euro Contest in Belgium !










Congratulations !
































Thorbjřrn Jespersen Norway and Aspire










More new photos in the

 training photogallery.











Andreas Herrig

                                        The F3J airfoils AH141_3 and AH141_4 (used on the Aspire)



Having been asked for an F3J airfoil for a long time, problems in the progress with our Freestyler 3 slope glider and the presentation of the Pike Perfect gave motivation for following this request.  Intention of Lubos Pazderka, probably still well known in the F3J scene, was to make a new plane with allround capabilities. It should follow a one-for-all concept, slightly focussing on weak conditions. Finally, the Aspire came out as a relatively large plane with 3.7 m span, which should provide extraordinary glide ratio and low sink rate.


Realizing that planes equipped with airfoils showing very peaky performance characteristics (e.g. HQW-2/8) cannot fully transform this aerodynamic potential into good flight performance in typical turbulent weather, a broader operating range was oriented to. Legendary airfoils like the MH32 and the SA7035 can offer excellent sink rates combined with good performance in moderately accelerated flight, under the boundary condition of sufficient relative thickness for fulfilling structural demands in launch. However, they are not perfectly adapted for the low wing loadings of < 30 g/dm˛ feasible with todays building techniques and suffer from losses due to unfavorably large laminar separation bubbles. A philosophy going more into the direction of DLG designs is necessary. In this area, again, Mark Drela set an extraordinary high benchmark with his sophisticated Supra design. This approach is followed by most modern gliders, especially the Pike Perfect, and as well the Aspire.

But compared to the AG40d or the MH32 for example the mid wing airfoil AH141_3 shows significantly increased maximum lift and offers more headroom at the upper end of the laminar drag bucket. This helps to 'survive' critical situations, when more maneuvering and centering tight thermals is necessary, this also when wing loading is not particularly low. In such tight thermals and in float conditions a positive flap setting of about 2-3° will be beneficial. However, compared to the Perfect, the cl-max increase was not driven very far, because this costs sink performance in the design lift range. Also the concept of changing airfoils in the outer wing to adjust to the lower Reynolds numbers is slightly different to the Perfect or the Supra. The outer wing airfoil was not purely designed for maximizing glide ratio in straight flight, but more weight was put on performance at higher lift coefficients, which should both improve circling and dead air floating. While the root airfoils relative thickness of 8.55% was determined mainly by structural reasons, especially with a large plane as the Aspire, the thickness of the outer airfoil is driven not so much by loads. To avoid excessive bubble drag calls for a reduction of relative thickness. But the need to achieve a broad operating range of lift coefficients sets some limits and the outer wings AH141_4 was designed quite conservatively. Climbing out in weak thermals easily often is more important than the last percent of straight line performance. So in the end, thickness of the AH141_4 was only slightly reduced to 8.3%, besides other measures to improve low Reynolds number behaviour.

   Camber is varying between 2.4% and 2.3%, so is not particularily high. For fast flight back against the wind already with a negative flap setting of -1° the laminar drag bucket can be shifted to low lift coefficients. The Aspire airfoils will reward that with very good performance, which also allows to fly relatively low weight in windy conditions.  In the zoom -2° should work well, to shift the polar down to zero lift.  To summarize, the AH141_3,4 airfoils were designed as allround airfoils for F3J with a focus on reducing minimum sink rate in straight and especially circular flight over existing references. On the other hand glide ratio in wind was to be at least equal to the current intermediate designs. That much about the expectations, finally competition practice will show how well the concept works.

                                                                                                                         Andreas Herrig, 19. April 2007





Aspire V-tail









Aspire and Tuomuo Kokkonen














Aspire X-tail










More new photos aspire X-tail in the

 testing photogallery.





















More new photos by friends in the

               photogallery training.





















Very nice model and very nice young man !!!!

( Aspire is better !!!!)













Victor review at Quiet Flyer Magazine






Victor review at QF magazine.

  SeeOctoberissueQFM    (page 88-92)



or click here to downloadin pdf..













Viking Race 2006 (Martin Herrig with Victor second place.)









 Here is link to official   Viking Race site.

Report and more photos at   Kevin's site.














New model for F3J  -  ASPIRE





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We offer wide selection of F3J/F3B models from extreme light models for "dead air" weather to heavy duty F3B full UHM carbon models that are literally unbreakable.Check the technology section for various technologies.








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All you will need to prepare the model for flight is sharp knife, drill and electronic equipment you want to mount.  In few hours your brand new bird is ready to fly!


Models we make are good and our results say for themself. Just for fun Lubos won European championship with Eraser. He missed world champion title in Finland for 5 cm! Landing in second final round to 95 instean of 100 cost him 5 points, he was fourth with 4 points behind world champion.








This is why we build Aspire - this plane is contorleable to the point that it is very hard to miss the circle of 2 meters in diameter which brings 100 points.